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Kisses everyone on the cheeks. I’ve finished the majority of my finals just one more to go and then I can relax. I hope everyone has had a lovely day.

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hey what's going on with teen wolf today? i saw your post :[

my post????? oh it’s just me being done with teen wolf as a whole. Im just kinda done with the wank and the teen wolf problems and the fandom and the writers and social media and just everything as a whole and the only good thing that has actually come out of this is the ships and characters i come to love and the friends I’ve found and still have.

If you want something more specific, then you will probably have to search somewhere else, because I don’t know much other than what I have seen on twitter today which apparently is being taken out of context, so I really know nothing.

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hey bri i have been wanting to ask: you know when you are doing your stream and you like use pandora, there's usually one station that you listen to, and i really like it!! can you tell me the name of it? it's usually like upbeat, and relaxing, but like it's not filmcore and i don't even know what it is, can you please tell me which one you listen to? thank you and sorry, weird question <3

These are the stations I listen to the most. I play it on shuffle so i’m not really sure which one it could be, but if it’s something you’ve heard recently, it’s probably from the top three on the list.

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nothing left to cling to
only you

anonymous requested: sterek + i'm not alright // sanctus real
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"who do you want me to be?"
"how about a friend?"

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Dylan O’Brien+ winks

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Jeff Davis @ BiteCon 2014

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Me today:

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Really Sterek make my panties drop at the speed of light damnn

that must be interesting moment when it happens.

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Extreme Ice Survey - Greenland by James Balog

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make me picksnookienookie asked heather or caitlin

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Southern Right Whales | Peter Chadwick

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